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Reviews make or
Break Restaurants


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60% of customers read reviews before going out for a meal.

Let Good Customer Reviews Do the Advertising For You

Surviving in the crowded restaurant industry requires great food, superior service and a strong online reputation. Great reviews are the key to capturing foot traffic from local search and filling your tables.

Better Reviews Help Beat the Competition

Build your cache of good on-line reviews to showcase your excellent customer service and outshine the competition with higher star ratings.

Be Found in Local Search

Ensure your restaurant listings rank high in “near me” search to get customers in the door. Our platform audits and corrects inaccuracies, so you capture local business before they dine elsewhere.

Ensure a Superior Experience

Armed with feedback from online reviews and surveys, you can optimize staff training and operations across locations, so the service you deliver delights customers and keeps them coming back.

“Using managers are now responding to 83% of the growing number of online comments, up from 59% a year ago. We have also seen average feedback scores increase over the course of the year with total Net Promoter Scores increasing hand in hand.”
Phil Urban, CEO, Mitchells & Butlers
2017 Annual Report

Learn How Your Locations Can Manage Their Online Reputation