10 Tips To Make A Crowdfunding Effective Campaign

Crowdfunding is a collective financial network, it normally exists in online platforms where people want to finance their projects in exchange of (generally symbolic) rewards. Those who support the causes can make it so through economic donations or other kinds.

These 10 recommendations will be of great help to make your campaign an effective one.

They tell a good story

Even though a crowdfunding campaign can center itself on the project that you’re promoting, your story as an entrepreneur and as a person is interesting to people. Tell how you have arrived to where you are, where your idea came from and why it’s important

Create a community

The first thing you need to do when you are making a campaign is finding people that can fall in love with your project. Fans you can trust. Once you have them, the donations will be more natural.

Get your public accostumed to online payments.

In general, millennials trust more whenever paying online. Due to the fact they know the process and they know it’s safe. But there are people for which the subject it’s not as familiar. Because of that we recommend you to explain your public how does it work and why it’s a safe activity.

Think in a collaborative way.

To many people crowdfunding seems like a far away topic. There must be something that’s clear: if projects win, everyone wins. Collaborative economy proposes mutual help. You can help a project today and tomorrow your project will be benefited.

Structure before acting

Before starting a campaign it’s important that you have your idea structured. What do you want to do with your project, why and what do you need the capital for. It’s not only about asking for money, you must have a clear objective

Create a campaign strategy.

This will make your project more attractive and will give it a clear order. A campaign can be well structured in the platform but if you don’t move it online and offline and don’t promote it, it will probably have no success. The platform houses your project, but you are the one who must make it successful

Calculate the times

Many people start a campaign to 30 or 90 days. But every project is different, what matters is that you know your project deeply. Make a balance of how much daily money you need to achieve an objective, how achievable it is and how much time it would take to you to reach it.

Not every platform works for every project

You can upload your project in any platform, but not every platform will fit your needs. Find one that’s useful.

Dedicate some time.

A successful campaign needs time. If you are starting with a collective financial network it’s really important that you dedicate some hours a day for this.

Don’t forget your rewards.

Rewards in crowdfunding campaigns are generally symbolic but very meaningful. They are given to the people that donate to the project depending on the value that they gave. To do this it’s very important to offer creative things, innovative and noteworthy. At the end people want to be recognized with something.

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