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Brand Marketing via Facebook: a case study experience

Brand Marketing via Facebook: a case study experience Abstract Due to the rising number of consulting brands and lack of consumption, there has been a call to improve the industry’s consumer targeted business practices. In accordance, this research examined the relationship between marketing mix-related social media communications, brand equity and purchase intention in a consultancy […]
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7 Keys To Overcome Stress Succesfully

7 keys to overcome stress successfully

Are you feeling like stress is overpowering your daily activities and don’t know how to affront difficult situations? Insecurity, fear and emotional pain can damage your capacity to overcome these challenges, nevertheless some tips here can help you advance in resilience and wellbeing. With the following tips to overcome stress, you can learn to accept […]
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Facebook Marketing Like Campaign

Facebook marketing like campaign

Having a well-liked and popular page on Facebook is one important way to achieve brand exposure, propel your brand, raise your visibility, build relationships and communicating to your audience properly, but first, you need to actually build your audience. Why build an audience? We are building an audience so that we can target said audience […]
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What Is An Opportunity Cost

What is an opportunity cost?

Opportunity cost is the maximum alternative value sacrificed whenever we take an economic choice. Its also called alternative cost or economic cost. Definition The cost of opportunity is the value that you renounce when you are consuming or utilizing a good or service for a particular purpose. In some cases that the use implies the […]
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