Instagram For Business 10 Tips That Will Help You Thrive

With more than 300 million active users per month, Instagram no longer is a social network of landscapes and foods, Instagram is now a brand focused on the power of visual narratives and storytelling, we invite you to follow these 10 simple tips and watch your social media grow stronger by the day.

Make sure to have an Instagram for a business account

The first thing is opening your Business Instagram account, how to do it? The same way you created your personal Instagram account and activating the profile for business from your account. Simply go to settings and choose “Switch to business profile”, the system will prompt you to connect your Instagram account with a fan page.

Cultivate your followers.

Connect your Instagram to your Facebook, follow other people and brands, give a like to other social publications and most importantly use hashtags: hashtags allow you to win visibility in social networks, some tips to take into account when doing so are:

  • Don’t use popular hashtags just because they are popular
  • Check the use of hashtags that other brands or businesses use.
  • Utilize a minimum amount of hashtags to obtain quality results.
  • Look for relevant hashtags for your company on Instagram.
  • Interact with other Instagram accounts

Let’s see how to interact with other accounts:

  • Add tags before publishing a photograph or video
  • Use mentions
  • Give like to the publications of other users in Instagram
  • Make comments in the photographs of other accounts
  • Send direct messages to interact with other users
  • Connect with your fans

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, its essential to involve them: their opinions matter and are vital to the growth of your business. By involving them you can get insight into what places you need to take your business while strengthening relationships they got on their community.

Be in the moment

Post content that is relevant to culture and social media holidays, use specific hashtags that apply to each and every occasion, for example

Share the love

Cross promote and highlight other businesses that align with what your brand does. For example if you are in the food business, invite a food critic or influencer that likes what you do to create content and share it on both accounts.

Give back

Show appreciation to your community through a contest or giveaway, try not to be sales-y. for example, you can create a challenge where you invite people to post a video or photograph of the challenge with the hashtag that you created. The winner can get featured in your account with the prize that you obtained, it’s even a great chance to generate stories for your feed.

Make advertising

Instagram for business allows you to create ads. To activate this option you must have your Instagram account connected to your facebook page, after this, you go to the configuration section in your fan page and simply select “Instagram ads”

To create your campaign you will use the Facebook photo editor, it will let you use three types of ads: photography, video and finally carrousel.

Make exclusive offers.

It’s important that your public knows that they matter. Make special and exclusive discounts for your Instagram for business followers, this will multiply the possibilities that they interact with your brand, for example, you can create a discount coupon to use only in online stores.

Don’t add links on your posts, rather add them to your profile.

Links don’t work well on Instagram, instead, use hashtags that tell them that the link can be found in the profile, you can even use the hashtag #linkinbio.

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