Brand Equity

Doing Marketing and advertising on Facebook to generate brand equity through an awareness ad.

Brand equity is the value that your brand has from the viewpoint of generating more sales thanks to notoriety. It means that well known brands are valuable and generates more revenue. Which in turn means that if the brand weren’t as noticeable, the consumers would buy their products and services less.

You may not know it yet, but your brand value is the most valuable asset your company has, part of that are many creative elements such as logos, slogans, colors, celebrities, fonts, music, etc. To that effect

Facebook is a very popular and common marketing and advertising tool for businesses who want to communicate with customers and potential customers.

When you are starting out your online Facebook profile it’s really important to focus on 2 types of advertisement, awareness (the objectives that generate interest in your product and service) and Consideration (Objectives that get people to start thinking about your business and look for more information about it).

In this exercise we are going to be making a simple advertisement to build awareness to our brand which has 247 likes and we’d love to propel to gain reputation and trust from our matters.

As I said: likes matter because they are a sign of popularity and importance that in turn boost your brands popularity. Likes give you branding context and credibility.

At the end of the exercise I hope to have achieved 5000 likes and a customized audience to start making consideration and conversion advertisements.

To do so I started by going inside my Facebook for business account, if you don’t yet have a business manager the steps to do it are:

  1. Go to
  2. Create Account
  3. Enter your business name
  4. Enter your business email
  5. Enjoy 😊

Once in your business account, you may need to create or select an ad account, depending on wether or not you already had ads running, to do so you:

  1. Go to your business manager dashboard
  2. Click on the blue button where it says create ad account
  • Fill up your data

There I created a campaign, to do so the steps are

  1. Click the  button.
  2. Fill out your campaign ad set, and ad elements in the window that appears.

Personally I enjoy naming my ads with a comprehensive description for the objective that I’m going for, in this case I named them “Competitors STEAL – page likes objective” and Likes HACK.

  • Edit your campaign elements in the editing pane
  • Do the same for Campaign, ad set and ads.
  • Finish by clicking publish or save them as drafts and close the ad.

In my case I created two campaigns to start that you can replicate. Now an explanation of what each one of the campaigns does.

The Competitors STEAL objective is designed to capture some of the competitor’s audience, we do this through segmentation. What we do essentially is create an ad set, then we type the interests that our target customer has, for example: food, sweets, candy and then we include that the target customer must also be a follower of some of our base competitors.

On the others side the Likes HACK is designed to grow the amount of likes the page has to cheaply grow the amount of likes the page has, so as to boost credibility. To do so we select the interests of people, that can be for example food, sweets and candy and after that we include countries with cheap Facebook like bids, countries like Malaysia, Venezuela, Thailand, etc.

It’s very important to get your target right, to do so remember to go to the ad set level and adjust interests in the order of demographics, locations, interests and behavior.

Don’t forget to do A/B tests to check ways to optimize the ad, remember, a big factor in optimizing an ad is modifying only one variable at a time and letting it run through 2-3 days, that way you can assure which option is the best and continue optimizing the advertisement.

Once there’s enough audience you can analyze it through the audience section in the Facebook business manager and use that to maximize the amount of interactions per dollar.

You can also create a custom audience that can be used to create a consideration ad, and from the customers that interact the most you can create a conversion ad (centered about getting people to grow sales and prompting actions)

To conclude to do Facebook advertisements that engage your customers successfully it’s really important get 4 things:

1. Make content that it’s relevant to the user base

2. Make content that is engaging to the target customer

3. Getting the targeting right

4. Doing A/B testing