How To Identify Good Networking Opportunities

How to identify good networking opportunities.

Making good networking is a direct way to increment the employment possibilities, but to achieve it it’s necessary to practice it in a correct way. Professional contacts can strengthen the growth of the workers. Networking activities allow for the direct contact with colleagues and professionals in other areas, from which you can obtain interesting information […]
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What Makes A Satisfied Customer

What makes a Satisfied customer?

Customer satisfaction is a group of questions that allow you to meet the level of satisfaction your clients have and deduce our opportunity areas. What makes you recommend a product or service? The price, the shopping experience? The attention? We must detect opportunity areas and not get close only to the client to re-sign a […]
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Hiring Superstars The Definitive Guide

Hiring superstars: The definitive guide.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small startup or a big corporation, every company depends on attracting top performing talent: after all, no one wants to hire b-players, the cost is simply too much! Don’t go for second best, hire superstars and the investment that you make in an employee will far outweigh their […]
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Creative Talent 9 Keys To Attract It

Creative talent: 9 keys to attract it

Working with creative people is a gratifying experience. They are more active, happier, have better ideas and are far more generous whenever sharing resources and efforts. With these small ideas, you will manage to attract creative people and help that the people in your organization that aren’t as creative develop their creativity. 1. Trust in […]
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