What Makes A Satisfied Customer

Customer satisfaction is a group of questions that allow you to meet the level of satisfaction your clients have and deduce our opportunity areas. What makes you recommend a product or service? The price, the shopping experience? The attention?

We must detect opportunity areas and not get close only to the client to re-sign a contract.

We must be honest, leave the terms clear and with achievable goals. Actually, there are many ways of expression that can tarnish the corporate reputation.

Sometimes, even a tweet can have a negative impact on sales.

Breaking paradigms to satisfy your clients, first, you must be available to make your processes better, redesign them, give your collaborators training monitor your indicators and improving constantly.

Doing a satisfaction survey can provide you with large benefits like:

  1. Client retention
  2. Client attraction
  3. Feedback
  4. Promoting client loyalty
  5. Improving products or services
  6. Improving the shopping experience
  7. Making the processes better.

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