Podcast Marketing What Is It And How You Can Use It As An Online Marketing Strategy

A podcast is an audio piece (audios with static photo montages can also be considered podcasts) with a definite periodicity and a continuity vocation that you can download from the internet.

The origin of the word comes from the iPod and Broadcast, a definition that made sense a long time ago, when it was necessary to have an iPod to reproduce them, nowadays podcasts can be downloaded from any website A podcast is also content.

A podcast won’t stop being a kind of content, like a post or an eBook, but in a different format, with the following characteristics.

  • It’s a digital audio that can combine voice, music and sound effects.
  • It can normally be presented on mp3 formats or web.
  • Podcast recording can be saved in a web where they can be downloaded and reproduced live.
  • They allow for varied content: news, tutorials and other didactic contents, etc.
  • It doesn’t require large investments, just a basic recording system.

The role of a podcast in a content marketing strategy.

Nowadays, using podcasts becomes an online marketing strategy, particularly in contents. It’s not yet that popular but it’s a format with a lot of potentials and it is to be expected that it uses increases exponentially, particularly for the massive utilization of mobile phones as a medium of internet access.

How to use a podcast in your online marketing strategy.

A big advantage of using audio files is that they are dynamic and easy to consume, given that they don’t require a big concentration on part of the user like it happens in articles or eBooks. Anyone can listen to contents in audio format while they drive, plays sports or make food like in the same way people listen to the radio.

So the most efficient and smart way to include a podcast in our content strategy is taking advantage of its differential characteristics. In this line, some ideas behind using podcasts in marketing would be.

Trying to make a complimentary podcast in a relationship with the text contents, without limiting us to repeat what we’ve already written in an article.

Another clever idea is having experts collaborating on a topic, or influencers in a determinate sector.

Some tips when using podcasts.

  • Podcasts must always be published with a title and a description with adequate keywords, following SEO parameters.
  • At a strategic level, we must focus our podcasts on creating a brand and trying to position us as experts in several topics in a determinate sector.
  • Even though the podcast creation process is simple, we must not neglect aspects such as
  • audio quality and the usage of music and effects that make it more attractive.

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