How To Create A Marketing Strategy Through Micro Influencers

Influencer marketing has been positioning itself as one of the big alternatives to convince and persuade audiences of consuming products or services from brands.

With this phenomenon to your reach, do you know how to affront it with a good strategy that can give you the expected results? If the answer is yes, this post is for you!

10 years ago, celebrities were our influencers. Models, athletes and famous artists would fill publicity spaces and announcements in tv and in radio. And even though we can still see them in these channels, their relevance and exclusivity level has diminished.

When blogs became more frequent and social networks became to be everyday more relevant in people’s everyday life, the prototype of influencer started changing and evolving to become what it is today, so the prototype of influencer changed and evolved until it could become what it is nowadays.

Influencers are common people that can create compromised and loyal communities.

People that create content around their past times and passions, that share it with others through different channels and that always interact with their followers closely.

So, what is the difference between an influencer and a micro influencer?

Micro influencers have an audience of between 10.000 and 100.000 followers. They have a loyal following and even though they are smaller they don’t affect the influence that they have.

Since they have a smaller following, they can have a closer interaction with them on the day to day basis.

Normally they focus themselves on a specific market niche like nutrition, beauty, fashion or exercise, among others. Which is very useful when you want to sell something!

What are the benefits of using micro influencers in a marketing strategy?

  • Larger engagement.
  • Cheaper
  • Bigger segmentation
  • More authentic

How to create a marketing strategy with micro influencers?

  1. Define your objectives
  2. Research micro influencer
  3. Contact your micro influencer

What tools can I use to find micro influencer?

  1. Use hash-tags
  2. Upfluence
  3. Traackr

And many more!

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