Creative Talent 9 Keys To Attract It

Working with creative people is a gratifying experience. They are more active, happier, have better ideas and are far more generous whenever sharing resources and efforts. With these small ideas, you will manage to attract creative people and help that the people in your organization that
aren’t as creative develop their creativity.

1. Trust in your team

Trust must be the base in which any relationship must be built. Trust is a feeling that we can’t order someone to make it trust us. We must cultivate it day to day with sincere and significative communication. Feeling that we have established a trusting climate will augment compromise and collaboration among everyone to comply with our objectives.

2. Make constructive critiques

Before making a criticism ask yourself the way of things, making it will help you become more conscious that things can be other ways. Making yourself questions is fundamental because inertia helps us thinks that, unless proven contrary, our way of doing things is the only way possible. Adopt an attitude of creative questioning. This is based on the fact that our way to act isn’t the best one nor the only one, just one of the multiple ways to do it. Having this attitude will help us avoid judgment and searching for mistakes in the acts of others.

3. Give alternatives

Creativity is a capacity that we all have. Don’t wait for others to propose alternatives or let prejudice to limit your capacity. Being creative people requires a systematic practice. Adopt an active attitude even if you think the idea you are proposing isn’t the best, maybe it is.

4. Help more

Creative and valuable people run away from toxic environments where negativity the criticism and the gossip are rampant. Become a facilitator, bet for positive thought, stop making problems as if they were excuses and concentrate on the solutions.

5. Listen closely

Show an honest and sincere interest in the opinions and problems of others. Learn from those ideas and enrich yourself from that discourse. The rest will feel they can trust you.

6. Recognize a work well done

Don’t wait to find a better moment. Value the work of others and if you can do it in public even better, the force of flattery will multiply. Don’t doubt showing your feelings and valuing the people you have close to you. Sometimes it takes courage to do it but it will help you feel a lot better.

7. Be kind

It’s a simple and powerful suggestion: it doesn’t cost anything and it’s powerful enough to change the climate of the team completely. Smile, enjoy conversations and have a good time.

There isn’t a cheaper way to improve productivity and concentration than this. It will help you create a relaxed environment, without stress and will strengthen affection, ideal conditions to improve creativity.

8. Share your knowledge

Don’t feel menaced or vulnerable, creative people don’t steal ideas. Contrast your ideas with others, you will find a support that will help you grow and improve.

9. Give small surprises

Put yourself as an objective to surprise the people you love. Transform the election of the surprise as a creative challenge. Giving these small surprises will strengthen your well being and self-esteem.

With these small ideas, you will not only attract creative people, but you too can become a creative person everyone wants to have close by.

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