Artifficial Intelligence 7 Things It Can Do For Your Business

Artificial intelligence, it’s development, the consequences of its correct usage will be part of the day to day environment from today to the next years.

A society that makes better use of software possibilities and from intelligent machines can be way more productive, innovative and able to solve the big dilemmas in current social agenda, from ecology and climate change to demographic challenges or the rationalization of activities, in a society that must incorporate inclusive models of growth that have permanence over time.

Between the people whose profession is to direct, there is a marked consensus in accepting that it’s a theme of maximum interest that will have effects in the management and the ways that many tasks are developed. Here are 7 ways to harness that power.

1. Customer support

Every company knows how important this is and how much it can affect your brand. In spite of this, mistakes are sometimes inevitable.

For example, the Microsoft State of Global Service 2016 found that 60% of consumers stopped relating to a company just because they had a bad customer service experience.

People don’t like feeling like they are being attended by a machine without intelligence or having to wait hours in line to be attended, pushing buttons and being transferred hundreds of times until being able to communicate with the indicated person.

The answer, in this case, is chatbots. According to Forbes, one of the most exceptional examples of this technology is Cogito. The company utilizes machine learning with behavioural science to analyze hundreds of calls and make the interaction better based on this data.

2. Information and security technology.

One of the most popular uses in IA is based in these two areas, around 44% of services consulted by Tata are currently using IA to detect and stop intrusions, 41% utilize it to solve technical problems the users may have and another 34% use it to lower the workload and automatize its
processes in production areas. A further 34% are using it to evaluate the internal compliance of technologies that they have approved. According to the Harvard business review.

Services such as as-as HANA and Cylance are offering services that manage data, detect and prevent many kinds of menaces and malware, among others.

3. Business management.

From attending conferences and group meetings to programming flights and supporting the decision-making process, IA can help many activities related to business administration.

IBM predicts that choice making support will imply an expenditure of 1 billion dollars in IT, besides what people are already spending for 2025, solutions like Domo are helping people quickly take decisions and it’s among a number of solutions that can adapt themselves to the size of your
company and that can be used with teams as small as 50 members.

Another alternative is Avanade, a solution created by Microsoft and Accenture that takes advantage of the Cortana Intelligence Suite and other solutions to create predictive alternatives based on your business.

4. Finances and accounting.

According to Forbes, Accenture predicts that 80% of financial tasks will be automatized in the next few years, for example, KPMG has been using McLaren solutions in their auditing processes and it’s also developing analytical predictive capacities for its clients.

This tools will allow them to interrogate, analyze and confront the predictions that are sustaining the value of its goods in financial balances. A good tool that we have available today is Reach Accountant.

5. Human Resources.

Many people working in Human Resources know how tedious and hard it can be to interview, hire, etc.

Which is why it’s understandable that people may love the idea of applying IA to this kind of processes.

Restless bandit is a SaaS or Service as company process that automates the tasks of evaluating assigning and localizing candidates and even determines the times for interviews, reducing the work that is needed to get a good candidate.

6. Technical procedures.

The IA can replace multiple technical procedures, for example, IA systems can calculate the payments of an insurance policy through analysis of medical certificates. IA can also process images to review its infrastructure and prevent damages to high-pressure circuits.

7. Marketing and sales.

Finally one of the most important categories for the future of business: sales and marketing. Software like Adext can find the best audience or demographic group for an ad. It gets the budget from about 20 different publics from different platforms and optimizes advertisements many
times a day. Moreover, the partners will get above the current conversion cost or the service will be free.

What are you expecting? Decide to revolutionize your business with artificial intelligence!

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