What Is And What Does A CMO Do Anyway

If you have heard or only have a small idea of what a CMO is, read this article and you will know what their priorities, functions and salary is.

What is a CMO?

Business team working together in office

A chief marketing officer or marketing director is the responsible person of supervising the planification, development and execution of the marketing and advertising initiatives within an organization.

Reporting directly to the executive director, the responsibility of the CMO is generating income, maximizing sales through successful marketing strategies throughout the organization.

They do these through market research, price fixation , product marketing, marketing communications, advertising and PR.

In many cases the role of a CMO gets expanded to include sales management, business development, new product development, channel management, distribution and client service.

So the CMO guarantees that the message of the organization gets distributed through the channels and audiences that are specific to complying with sales objectives.

Today this means to search new ways to send messages like mobile platforms, videos and social networks

Essential information about the CMO.

The marketing director or CMO is an executive that participates in a wide range of tasks that will increase the sales of products and will improve the brand image or the marketing campaigns.

The CMO will work directly with sales, marketing and development to guarantee integration of effective marketing strategies in every company division.

A CMO can have a marketing or advertising bachelor, along with ample experience in the field. But many of those have also a master degrees, often with business administration or a marketing specialization.

Between the skillset a CMO must have we can find:

  • Excellent analytic skills.
  • Demonstrated capacity to direct and inspire a team
  • Excellent communication and people skills
  • Flexibility
  • Passionate defense of the client
  • Complete knowledge of marketing principles, brand and management of products and services.
  • Deep knowledge of the changing dynamics in the market
  • Entrepreneurial spirit.

To conclude

It’s important to say that few high executive positions are directed to change so much in the latest years. Many CEOs and directives may think that their senior marketer hands administer the creation of new mediums. The growing number of contact points in sales and services and the constant fragmentation of client segments.

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