Did you know? Being percieved an innovator increases your corporate reputation and your business performance, it sounds easy when you are a large company such as apple or Tesla… but what if you’re in a more traditional sector

Have you ever wondered how to be creative on a short notice and sustain spark throughout your organization? Well, the good news is, we’ve wondered about that too!! And what we’ve found is that multiple principles such as imagination, innovation, change and play all have a say in creating value across your business, boosting your fiscal and brand health.

Today we’ll concentrate on innovation. A concept that, if applied correctly will inspire your employees to seek out opportunities and establish a healthy mindset; innovation is a valuable mindset to integrate because it raises the productivity of capital and labour, innovation creates value where it didn’t exist before.

So, what exactly makes an innovation… an innovation? It’s not just about the ideas, innovation requires translating an idea into a good or service for which customers will pay! What this means is that ideas must satisfy a specific need in your organization or market and that it must be replicable at an economical cost and that said ideas must be implemented, they must be feasible and a reality.

A good first step is to understand people and their needs, be out in the world in context with people, observing them in the spaces and the interactions that they make on a day to day basis, this helps you see growth opportunities.

And once you see the opportunity, how do you approach it? Well, what is important it’s not so much what approach a firm takes, but that your direction is clear and that you have the teammates that can help you solve your problems. Finding the missing pieces in your team is an essential tool to seize the opportunities.

You know that you are doing the correct efforts when you identify that your product or process is being complicit with risk-taking and revolutionizing the world with the creation of new and exciting markets, this is a process of discovery engineering and transformation “progress is impossible without change”. If done well an innovation is a barrier to your imitators and will become an advantage across your niche.

We live in a remarkably connected environment, which makes the marketplace extremely saturated with competitors. Most of the fortune companies lost their position in only 10 years because of their failure to keep up. Because of that being open to innovation is more relevant today than ever, if your entire organization is built around a certain product or idea and becomes obsolete after that, you’re going to have to roll with the punches or lose market-share.

Follow the steps suggested above and you will see your productivity and value propelled across your organization. A suggested read we can provide is the playbook for strategic foresight and innovation, it’s filled with multiple methods and techniques, step by step instructions, tips, examples, case studies and so much more, check it out below.

It’s a toolbox filled with exercises that can be utilized anywhere anytime and helps you:

  • Create a radical idea that becomes a new business, product or service.
  • Build an organization that supports the development of radical ideas

We invite you to encourage innovation everywhere with the use of this toolbox from, something something
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An innovation it’s not a novelty, a novelty is new to an individual, while innovations are new to the world.