Mobile Marketing Advertising Based On Your Location Far Away From Large Audiences

According to an investigation developed by Forrester Research, in actuality the number of consumers using GPS apps it’s still small.

The study referentiates this technology like an applied resource towards marketing and publicitary strategies, recommending advertisers to wait until users and consumers augment, for now geolocated advertising is far and away from large audiences.

In this sense, the study reflects that only 4% of US adults has ever used one of the social networks based on location to their mobile phones. A number that reduces itself to only 1% when we take people that do this more than once a week.

However it’s very important to mention that the users that utilize this kind of geolocalization apps are more influential, and are more likely to share information about companies, services and products through their phones and mobile phones.

In spite of it’s slow growth rhythm, publicity based on geolocalization can fin it’s great moment in the business of local search.

In spite of the fact that many small companies and businesses are willing to experiment with this technology, some of these like diesel who made a strategy to inform about promos and offers to their close users, they had found that the experience had barely found 44 users that were close or potential that were willing to receive the sent advertisements.

As the study confirms, this is a sample that shows that there’s a long road to go by before these kinds of technologies are considered a solid investments inside marketing and advertising strategies inside of companies.

Particularly if we consider that in spite of technological repercussion this technology is achieving, it’s far away from impacting big audiences.

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